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photo of Marjorie Chan in China Doll
by John Lauener
  • CHINA DOLL by Marjorie Chan (2004 – Play) Published by Scirocco Drama – Nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award in Drama
  • Where is Here? The Drama of Immigration (2005 – Anthology) Edited by Damiano Pietropaolo, published by Scirocco Drama. Includes short radio play, SPRING ARRIVAL by Marjorie Chan (out of print)
  • a nanking winter by Marjorie Chan (2008 – Play) Published by Playwrights Canada Press, now available as an ebook.
  • The Madness of the Square by Marjorie Chan (2009 – Play) Available as a PDF from the Canadian Play Outlet.
  • Love + Relasionships: A Collection of Contemporary Asian-Canadian Drama – Volume 2, edited by Nina Lee Aquino (2009 – Anthology) includes CHINA DOLL, available from Playwrights Canada Press
  • Performing Adaptations: Essays & Conversations on the Theory and Practice of Adaptation (2009 – Anthology) Edited by Michelle MacArthur, Lydia Wilkinson and Keren Zaontz. Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing Includes article, “Adaptation as Remembrance: An interview with Marjorie Chan” about the writing of a nanking winter.
  • Rattling the Stage: A Collection of Canadian Monologues, Spoken Word and Short Plays (2012 – Anthology) Includes short play, OVERHEARD by Marjorie Chan
  • Refractions: Scenes edited by Yvette Nolan and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard (2020- Anthology), published by Playwrights Canada Press. Includes an excerpt from a nanking winter.
  • Lady Sunrise by Marjorie Chan (2022 – Play) Now available from Playwrights Canada Press. Nominated for the Governor General’s Award in Drama.
Book Cover by Christine Mangosing
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