The Ward Cabaret

David Buchbinder

CO-DIRECTOR Leah Cherniak

WRITER Marjorie Chan

ARTISTIC ASSOCIATES Andrew Craig, Derek Kwan, Michael Occhipinti

SINGERS Laura Campisi, Aviva Chernick, Derek Kwan, Mitch Smolkin, Laurel Tubman

MUSICIANS David Buchbinder, Andrew Craig, Drew Jurecka, Michael Occhipinti, Louis Simao, Cynthia Qin

DESIGNERS Simon Rossiter, Victoria Wallace, Laura Warren

Inspired by The Ward (Coach House Books) edited by John Lorinc, Michael McClelland, Ellen Schelnberg and Tatum Taylor

The Ward Cabaret reimagines the vibrant sound of Toronto’s first multi-cultural neighbourhood. JUNO Award-winning musician and composer David Buchbinder is joined by a collaborative team of musicians, singers, and actors for a musical event based on the songs and sounds of Toronto’s first cross-cultural community.

Berkeley Street Theatre, Downstairs
26 Berkeley Street – June 20 -22, 2018